The Continents: the Antarctica

Watch this video about living and working in Antarctica. How many people live and work at the South Pole during the summer? Why is it difficult to sleep normally there? How many people live there during the winter? Comment on the post to answer these questions!


About Cristina Sánchez

I am an enthusiastic teacher at a school for girls in Madrid, Spain. After having experienced firsthand the great delight there is in teaching and learning and how much this opens doors worldwide, I now want to encourage my students to take English as an essential tool for life. With it I'm sure they will find their own way towards the understanding of new cultures, new people, and also of themselves, which will enable them to carry Orvalle and its values far, far away. View all posts by Cristina Sánchez

One response to “The Continents: the Antarctica

  • Solete Vendrell

    I have liked the video because it shows all the continets and the ocean. Before see these video i didnt know which ocean was the one newt to each continet.


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